Kimberly Adair - Inspirational Recording Artist

As the calming waters of a stream flow gently over the surface of its bed, so is the voice of Mississippi native Kimberly Adair. Just as the powerful roll of a wave reaches and pulls at the shore, so does the soulful sounds of Inspirational recording artist Kimberly Adair reach in and pull at your heart.

The advancement of Kimberly’s soulful style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that she was always surrounded by many styles of music. Her mother is a part-time Gospel pianist and/director and her father is a part-time Gospel/R&B bassist. Being exposed by both parents to a wealth of music as a child influenced her music development.

Her first endeavor into learning an instrument herself came when she started to sing at the age of 5 and to play the piano when she was 6 years old. As music became more and more prevalent in her life, Kimberly added drums, clarinet, and writing to her list of musical talents. Through the years that followed, Kimberly has immersed herself into the constructions of many styles of music.

Kimberly was born and grew up in the small town Okolona, MS. However, her musical journey began in Memphis, TN. Memphis was where she developed her musical tastes and interests. It wasn’t long after her first live performance that she decided to make music her life purpose.

She is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and has performed with and opened for such bands and personalities as Jay Leno, Ray Chew and the Crew and The Craig Lewis Band.

Throughout her career, Kimberly has performed in such venues as TBN "Praise the Lord" (Trinity Broadcast Network), Little League World Series Championship (televised Live on ABC), The Apollo Theater NYC, Billtown Music Fest, Isaac Hayes', B.B. Kings, NBA games, The FedEx Forum, Memphis in May, and The Village Underground NYC. Kimberly is also a piano and vocal instructor in Pennsylvania. 

Kimberly’s third album is set to release November 26, 2020.